About Us

Welcome to 52JoyStreet! We’re here for those who love to travel as much as we do.¬†We do all our own travel planning, using every relevant website we can find, reading ACTUAL travel magazines (and newspapers!), talking to fellow travelers for ideas and advice, reaching out to travel forums, and asking lots and lots of questions. Do we make mistakes? Sometimes, but often those mistakes lead us to an adventure we might have missed, like the time we boarded a ferry in the Azores thinking we were heading to to the island of Sao Jorge, only to discover we were headed to Pico Island instead. Oops! Note to self: pay attention to ferry schedules in shoulder season! But that led to a fun day trip all over Pico, a beautiful lush island where they produce some pretty fine wines that we would have totally missed. So, if you’re interested in the places we go, or even if you’re just an armchair traveler, read on and see what we’ve been up to.